Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Exposing the corruption in the Massachusetts family courts

I am just one of the thousands of fathers who have been victimized by the system of organized crime in the Massachusetts family courts. This book exposes the motives, tactics, and hypocrisy that all fathers must endure. The book also details my specific case including the "spin off" corruption that resulted from my efforts to hold the racketeers in and outside of this kangaroo court system accountable. The book has been "banned" in Massachusetts for five months now by a judge who is criticized in the book


darkbhudda said...
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darkbhudda said...

How can a judge ban a book with them in it? Conflict of interest, bigtime. Just makes the guys case even stronger.

Verlch said...

Yeah, the court system is a racket. It's designed to never lose, they have more money than anybody.

The courts are run by Law Firms and Judges out to go to bed with the Bar Association. There has got to be some collusion between the different parties. Too much money, control and power is at stake.

Now about the courts giving women all that $$$ from her ex. Elitest corporations love the idea of women getting all that $$$ to spend horribly. Women make 80% of the purchases in America, they buy things they do not need, and the rich love that idea.