Friday, September 01, 2006

The compensation goldmine!

More from the 'you couldn't make it up' files:

"A woman prison officer was yesterday awarded nearly £150,000 after being made to carry out intimate "rubdown" searches of male inmates.

Carol Saunders, 42, had claimed it was "degrading, distasteful and dehumanising" that she had been made to perform physical searches on male prisoners."

Excuse me, but isn't it fairly obvious that physical searches are part of the job of being a prison guard?

Whats next? Nurses claiming compensation for having to wash patients? Janitors claiming compensation for having to unblock drains?

But the true madness of this situation is then shown by this:


Prison officers were not permitted to perform the intimate "rubdown" searches - involving touching the crotch and buttocks - on inmates of the other sex when Mrs Saunders joined the service in 1987.

But five years later, after pressure from women warders who said their career prospects were being hampered, the rules were changed so female officers could search inmates of either sex."

So basically women are playing the system from both ends: some claim its discrimination to make them perform searches, some claim its discrimination for them NOT to perform searches. You just can't win.

Which is further proof that many women are simply profiteering from this equality racket. Its nothing to do with fairness, and everything to do with greed and victim-culture. As Angry Harry points out, equality between the sexes is actually unobtainable, because there are always issues (like this one) where different people have different concepts of what equality is. And it is within this gap that women and lawyers make their fortunes from men and the tax payer.

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Verlch said...

I've got a solution, kick all women out of their jobs in the economy!!! No more sexual confusion, with weak women!