Sunday, June 11, 2006

More Madness from Hollyweird

Can the forthcoming Superman film help reverse the decline in cinema audiences and the exodus of young men away from traditional popular culture outlets like films and TV?

Lets see how its gay director describes it:

“(this film is a) chick flick about a superhero seen from a woman’s perspective, with qualities you’d want in a husband”.


Incidentally, Lois Lane now appears to be a single mother, and in one of the trailers I saw recently she hautily shoots Superman down with a statement along the lines of "I don't need no man."

Are any men actually even going to pay to see this?


jw said...

I doubt that most males would want to see this film ... unless the cinematography is brilliant.

What I do not understand is why film, newspapers & TV cannot understand that simply removing misandry would bring the males back to these media. Why? Why can't they see such a simple thing? Why do women so enjoy misandry? Why would a woman who wants a man in her life spend money promoting a concept which will ensure she does not get a man in her life?

It's all so self-defeating ...

Anonymous said...

Women are herd creatures who, especially these days, are incapable of long-term thinking or of understanding cause and effect. If culture encourages women to express a hatred of men, then they'll do it, and have no ability to link this attitude with having no men around who want anything to do with her.

This film does sound pathetic. I have no interest in it. I'll stick with the original three, especially the second one; General Zod was brilliant!

the author said...

'a chick flick about a superhero'

Yeah... doesn't inspire confidence.

The general prevailing belief in Hollywood is that you write the film with lots of 'deep emotional content' ie. the characters pore over their emotions and well up with tears every 5 minutes, and you devote a great deal of screentime to a strong female character. This way you get the 'young women' demographic.

For young/old guys alike, all you need are a few action setpieces & they will come. That's the idea.

Films in HW are made by committees for demographics. They tend to fall down the cracks in their attempts to please everyone and make lots of $$$.

The best films are mainsteam ones made by directors who have just come out of the independent sector (like Tarantino, who Mirimax took a chance on) and independent ones of all description.

I advise guys disullusioned with the cinema to go to support their local independent rental store, or use an online DVD rental site to get their films. These are really good, often cheaper & more flexible than 'high street' video chains (which are usually just full of 100 copies of 'What Women Want' with Mel Gibson).

snootfish said...

Well, at least average guys without super powers can feel good that even superman suffers from the same types of things as they do.

Dark Wing Duck said...

They pulled this crap with the Hulk movie too. 1 hr of silly emoting, followed by 1 hr of action. Wait for the DVD and use the FF and mute button.