Friday, June 09, 2006

The world cup and the continued masculinisation of women

Yes its world cup time, but this year the female herd seems to be more obsessed with it than usual. I guess its another sign of how women are trying to become more like men. Its also a sign of how women get caught up in herd movements - even if they are about things that they usually have absolutely no interest in, like football or art-history and the Gnostic gosples (in the case of the Da Vinci Code - or, as I saw one woman call it online earlier "The Davinchi Code"). The thing that intrigues me is what does the female herd think about the fact that the world cup is played entirely by men? Does the herd mind realise this as a sign of their physical and sporting inferiority, does it concoct some kind of rationisation that its due to 'oppression' of women, or does it not even think about it?

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darkbhudda said...

When women talk about sports all they talk about is how hot some guy is. They have no interest in the actual game itself.