Saturday, May 13, 2006

Why evil triumphs in the matriarchy

One of the consequences of the unleashing of women's erratic sexuality from any form of control is that women will now tend to reward the most brutal and thugish men with their sexual favors. It seems that barbarianism and thuggary are the ultimate sexual turn-ons to a large segment of the female population. This is why women are actually LESS safe in a matriarchal society than a patriarchal one.

When such women don't have a stable family to channel their energies into, they are often drawn towards gossip, meddling and manipulating other people, and creating one crisis or drama after another, because this adds some excitement to their otherwise boring and empty lives.

The following is a prime example of this, and comes from an essay by Theodore Dalrymple - the pen-name of a Doctor who has worked in prisons for the last decade. He says that incidents like this are now common. It concerns a 20 year old lad who was living with his mother, and had tried to kill himself....

"Not long before, his mother's current boyfriend, a habitual drunkard ten years her junior, had, in a fit of jealousy, attacked the mother in the young man's presence, grabbing her round the throat and strangling her. The young man tried to intervene, but the older man was not only six inches taller but much stronger. He knocked the young man to the ground and kicked him several times in the head. Then he dragged him outside and smashed his head on the ground until he was unconscious and blood ran from a deep wound.

The young man regained consciousness in the ambulance, but his mother insisted that he give no evidence to the police because, had he done so, her lover would have gone to jail: and she was most reluctant to give up a man who was, in his own words to the young man's 11-year-old sister, "a better f**k than your father." A little animal pleasure meant more to the mother than her son's life; and so he was confronted by the terrifying realization that, in the words of Joseph Conrad, he was born alone, he lived alone, and would die alone.

Who, in listening to such cases day after day and year after year, as I have, could fail to wonder what ideas and what social arrangements have favored the spread of conduct so vile that its contemplation produces almost physical nausea? How can one avoid driving oneself to distraction by considering who is more to blame, the man who behaves as I have described, or the woman who accepts such behavior for the sake of a moment's pleasure?

This brutality is now a mass phenomenon rather than a sign of individual psychopathology."

Welcome to the matriarchy!

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snootfish said...

This guy may be a better fuck than the child's father but is almost certainly a less good provider.

Women through child support are freed from responsible men and able to to entertain total losers.

Undoubtedly, both this woman and her boyfriend were living in large part off the child's father (through child support).

Child support always lauded as a good thing actually creates several very bad incentives and unintended consequences including this one.

If women were not guaranteed child support, welfare, etc. they would have incentive to seek out and stay with responsible, decent men. Further, men would have incentive to be these things.