Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bloke Coke

Diet drink gets macho name and black can to appeal to young males

They claim that the new design of the can will help sales amongst young men who view diet coke as unappealing.

Well, I hate diet Coke, not because of the can design, but because it tastes as appealing as a glass of urine.

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Davout said...

I'd love to see how many guys buy it just because the can is black. How dumb do they think men are?

Here's a priceless quote from the article: "A spokeswoman said: "The can complements boys' toys like Black Berries, mobile phones and PSPs and we think will appeal to this audience."

Well, honey, I think this 'audience' is about half the country and you just told them to go buy Pepsi.