Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pook on The Da Vinci Code

Written by 'Pook' on my forum:

That the Da Vinci code is full of theological errors is without question. One only has to go to a library and could easily research it themselves within five minutes.

It puzzles me how people can be so uninterested in truth. What good is believing a fantasy? If you are reading about a religion, don't you want to know if what you are reading is correct or not?

I've concluded that people, especially women, are interested primarily in sensation. It is a bestial life where they end up feeling 'good' (for whatever reason). The Da Vinci Code is popular because it produces certain feelings within the readers.

My problem with sacrilege is not only is it unneighborly, it is unproductive as well. You will never see the movie or book industry apply sacrilege with Judaism, Islam, or Eastern religions. Not on the scale of the Da Vinci code.

What I have always admired about religion and good classical philosophy is how thoughts are bended upwards. Today, so many thoughts are bent downward into a psychological abyss. I prefer the concept of sins over the concept of 'disorders' as you can transcend the sin. In the post-Rousseau culture, there is no transcendence. Our entire life is to be nothing more than a glut of the senses.

I 'obtained' a digital version of the Da-Vinci Code. I figured the book would be a good read even if the content was bad (since it did sell 40 million copies). The book is written like a screenplay, and I consider it boring, bland, and quite awful. I consider the book to be torture.

I don't even think most women believe in God. To them, God is just another man who works for them. This version of religion Brown is putting out works more for the women so no wonder mostly women love the book (and do not like being reminded on the realities of it).

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jw said...

There is a significant sexism in the book.

A few of the problems being:

- the pagan goddess was not a religion of peace and harmony. It was violently anti-male and just plain violent as well. Women seem unwilling to accept the violence which was a part of the earth mother. This is a refusal to accept the shadow which is a part of all humans.

- if one wanted to say that the Catholic church downplayed the role of Mary, Martha and Johanna, you'd probably be right. The Catholic church did indeed push women out of the role as lay pastor, preacher and leader. That said, to raise Mary to near godlike status is dumb. There is no support for that.

- getting the sacred feminine to top spot requires a lot of Gnostic thinking. There are a great many problems with bringing the Gnoses into the church. One of the main problems being the acceptance of everyone's thoughts as equal. The problem of equating "The City of God" to something written by Jane down-the-street is massive and frankly, just plain dumb.

- the Sophia! I could write for days on the problems with the Sophia (it means "wisdom.") The biggest problem being the shere size and scope of the anti-male sexism. We're supposed to be working to eliminate sexism: We should not work to trade misogyny for misandry!

Any movement to bring females into church leadership is valuable. Any movement to demonize and lessen the male is a threat and a harm to us all.

I have long recommnded people read the main Gnostic documents. They are freely available online.