Monday, May 15, 2006


I must admit, I have become fascinated by looking at the profiles on the Internet dating sites.

I've also noticed some unusual trends. For example, seems that virtually all the women go on and on about how sporty and well travelled they are. It seems to be a running theme. And I've lost count of how many of them have been to, or are about to go to Thailand. What is it with these girls? Are they drug smuggling 'mules' who are transporting heroin-filled condoms hidden up their backsides? Quite possibly.

The other trend is that at least two thirds of them make a point of saying at the top of their description how gorgeous or beautiful they are, even if you can see from their photo that they aren't.

Heres an actual profile. She doesn't say shes beautiful, but it still makes me want to gag:

"Honest men only

Looking for a man who can multitask, look after himself and cook! I want it all and the rest, contentment, honesty and commitment and if that doesn't have you running for the hills, keep reading..

I like warm cosy nights with candlelight, good food, conversation and wine to crazy nights at the local nightclub. Above all to be treated like a princess... blokes thats all a woman is ever looking for."

Yeah, right. Treat me like a KING and I might consider it.

Actually, even then I wouldn't!


Davout said...

I sure pity the fool(s) who respond to Schnookums.

A suggestion, Darren:

Have a competition to see who can produce the most narcissistic female profile from the plethora of dating websites out there. That should be a hoot.

darkbhudda said...

"Above all to be treated like a princess"

She wants her parents to marry her off to a foreigner in order to forge a political alliance?

Captain Zarmband said...

These female statements about themselves shows that most modern women have completely digested the Feminist nonsense that they are some sort of superior being and entitled to be treated like royalty for no other reason than they are female. It also reveals the enormous size of their egos.

It is indeed surprising that they never seem to twig why it is that they are still alone despite running through many relationships, most of which were, without doubt, brief.They just do not get it.

Here's some tips for unattached females who wish to get a man from these dating sites.

1) Men DO NOT like - borish, arrogant, self righteous, self-obsessed, aggressive, over-opinionated, smug, deceitful, manipulative, loud-mouthed, unintelligent half-wits.

2) Men Do Like - femininity, kindness, humility, quiet common sense, compasion, genuine intelligence and good humour.

Interestingly, you are unlikely to see any of these listed in a woman's dating site profile which reveals how ignorant modern women are about what men really want.

Captain Zarmband said...
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Captain Zarmband said...

Oh and I love the bit about the requirement to "multi-task". As we all know this is the female ability to perform a task and talk about something totally irrelevant at the same time. Whenever I see this written by a female as a so called ability I superimpose my own definition and add the following suffix "Inability to focus."

Cybro said...

Im glad that other men are noticing this outrageously selfish attitude that most women have on these dating sites. They want you to give them everything on their terms without any reciprocation of any kind on their part. Some of them admit that they can't even cook but they sure can travel to any remote part of the earth. What is so laughable is that most of these women are already divorced, they still don't get it and are probably more hostile than before they were married. I often wonder why they even bother to put up a profile to begin with. Just by reading these profiles I am starting to suspect that most men are avoiding them altogether. One female admitted in her profile that sleeping with her cat was getting old. A common thread that I find is the lament of no players, serial daters or sport daters who only want sex. This again tells me that more men just want to pump and dump these females. It seems to me that they have priced themselves so far out of the market that anything other than having sex with them would be a complete waste of time and effort.