Friday, May 12, 2006

The man shortage

If you are a single, never-married man, then at least you can take some pleasure in knowing that you are denying a woman somewhere of an ex-husband.

Seems like women are getting more and more desperate to find themselves a husband, but in their desperation they are self-destructing. They seem to have no clue about how to go about it. In fact they do the opposite of what they should.

For example, if you want an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the dating scene in your area, do a search on one of the dating websites. First enter yourself as a single male looking for women in your age range, then go back and enter yourself as a single woman looking for men in your age range. That way you'll get a good picture of both the men and women, who they are, how they are presenting themselves and what they are looking for.

I did this and the men, in general, presented themselves quite well. Good smiling portraits of themselves, brief descriptions of their interests etc. The women, however, don't seem to have a clue! For example, rather than list the things they are interested in, most of them simply declare that they are 'interesting, funny, intelligent, easily bored etc'. Er, yes dear, I'm sure you are, but we'll be the judge of that. If a man was boasting about being intelligent, interesting and so on, yet didn't actually name a single interest or hobby (and, no, shopping, clubbing and socialising DON'T count), then people would think hes a lying idiot. But somehow the women get away with it. Or at least they think they can.

Reading some of the women's descriptions is like watching them chuck up all the feminist buzz-words they've been consuming over the last couple of decades. Hence we find no shortage of women who are 'fiesty' and 'independent'. Yawn. Take a look at the men's profiles, ladies. Notice how many of the men list under their 'turn offs' in a woman 'power, money and sarcasm'? Its a joy to behold!

One woman on there begins her description thus: "I am a fiery and confident woman who is finding it harder and harder to meet intelligent, open and interesting men..."

Oh dear, I wonder why??

She goes on to say "Like extremes, hate to be bored.", then continues to big herself up for several boring sentences without really convincing anyone that she is that interesting. But the jewel in the crown of her profile is her photo: rather than just a friendly portrait of herself, she is pictured in a moody, black and white shot hugging some bare-chested young man, who I suppose we are to assume is an ex-boyfriend.


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Captain Zarmband said...

These female statements about themselves shows that most modern women have completely digested the Feminist nonsense that they are some sort of superior being and entitled to be treated like royalty for no other reason than they are female. It also reveals the enormous size of their egos.

It is indeed surprising that they never seem to twig why it is that they are still alone despite running through many relationships, most of which were, without doubt, brief.They just do not get it.

Here's some tips for unattached females who wish to get a man from these dating sites.

1) Men DO NOT like - borish, arrogant, self righteous, self-obsessed, aggressive, over-opinionated, smug, deceitful, manipulative, loud-mouthed, unintelligent half-wits.

2) Men Do Like - femininity, kindness, humility, quiet common sense, compasion, genuine intelligence and good humour.

Interestingly, you are unlikely to see any of these listed in a woman's dating site profile which reveals how ignorant modern women are about what men really want.