Saturday, May 27, 2006

Feminist Blogger Insanity

I think its fairly safe to say that feminist bloggers have a pretty tenuous grasp on reality. However, this loony-tune really does take my breathe away with the depths of her idiocy:

She has a whole section on her blog devoted to complaining about the 'trolls' who attack her for making man-bashing posts (gee, who would have predicted that?), and of the male 'perverts' who arrive at her blog after performing search terms that feature words like 'rape' or feature sexual words in combination with feminist words.

Now, does it not occur to her that the more she uses these words, the more likely the search engines are going to list her site when the *SMALL MINORITY* of men search for them?

Its like someone filling up their garden with cow manure then constantly complaining that the world is full of flies.

Get a clue dear.

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Davout said...

Maybe Felix should give her some action......