Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day of the Gold-diggers

Duncan has a good post up on the current court victories of two Gold-digging ex-wives allowed to legally fleece millions from their ex-husbands.

Where on earth did this idea of a legal 'right' to a luxury lifestyle come from? If the country suddenly went into recession, could I sue the Chancellor because he had cut off my lifestyle? If I suddenly lost my job, should my previous employer be forced to carry on paying me my wages each year until I die? And if the ex-husband has to carry on paying the ex-wife, why does she not have to carry on providing her 'side' of the marriage - which presumably adds up to housework and sex.

Many people are coming to incorrect conclusions about this current trend for legal extorsion following divorce. For example, many are saying 'Oh the men should just have got themselves a pre-nup, then they'd never have all these problems.' But this isn't true, as a judge is not bound to follow a pre-nup. The law is the law. You can't make up your own agreements that over-write the law. Secondly, everyone is concentrating on the fact that it is financially successful men who are the ones being targeted in these cases, but the precedent has now been set for women to claim 'loss of earnings' for some projected amount that they 'could have earned' had they not given up work to be a housewife or mother. Therefore the lesson from this is not that only rich men are vulnerable, but that a man is setting himself up for this if he marries a 'career woman'.

Lastly, this is going to back-fire on women in more ways than the obvious 'men are going to avoid marriage'. For example, men will have a growing GENERAL distrust of women, and married men will feel less motivation to work hard and earn lots of money.


Captain Zarmband said...

This latest piece of legal chicanery simply re-inforces my already firmly held belief that the only safe option for men is to stay single. Of course, it's always women who moan that they can't find a man (i.e. wealthy man) to marry them. Not surprising really is it since any man who marries can now look forward to paying his wife's and then ex-wife's bills for the rest of his life even if she screws every man in town.

darkbhudda said...

Don't worry.
I called a "woman hater" when I point out all the sexism against men by certain guys. Every single one of them knows not to get married as there is ZERO benefit for a male, your life becomes that of a slave and you will have all your money and property spent during marriage and taken during divorce.

So even brainwashed feminist pussy assed males know marriage is a bad deal.