Friday, April 28, 2006

Whats the agenda behind 'women getting even'?

Women are getting even

Thanks to research research we now know that almost all the wage-gap between the average earnings of women and that of men is due to the choices that women themselves make, rather than discrimination (and, after all, if corporations could truly employ women to do exactly the same work as men but for 30% less, then why would any corporation employ men?).

Yet the feminist lobbies are pushing the concept of wage-discrimination against women harder than ever. This not only shows how shameless they are, but how guillible the people in politics and business are for supporting them. For example, check out the fool in this article, who claims to be "excited" that boys are getting less college degrees.

I suspect that there could be another agenda from big businesses: to drive down wages for the most able men. The men who commute, work long hours, do technical, boring tasks, dangerous tasks etc. Drive their wages down, and overall you will increase the 'equality' of their salary with Mandy the receptionist whose tasks include filing her nails, flirting with customers and gossiping on the phone - not to mention watching the clock like a hawk so that she is outta there by 5pm!

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