Thursday, October 18, 2012

Official: Adult women are now less responsible for their own behaviour than children

Highland students face expulsion after viewing topless photo of teacher

File this one under WTF?! Its truly one of those news stories that you couldn't have even made up.

Even this headline is misleading, as it focuses on the boys and makes it sound like they did something naughty, if not outright wrong.

However, the facts are: A female teacher had topless photos of herself on a school-issued ipad. She handed the ipad to some children in her class and told them to browse through it. When the boys saw the topless photo of her she became agitated and ... called the police on the children!

The boys have been punished by an expulsion from the school.

Just imagine for one moment if a male teacher had handed an ipad with naked photos of himself on to a bunch of kids, then called the police on the kids. 

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