Monday, October 24, 2011

Thought of the moment

Currently, in many regions of the globe, we are seeing various outbreaks of civil unrest, in terms of unthinking rioting (London this summer), demonstrations against 'the system' (Greece, and the New York 'Occupy Wall Street' demos which are now spreading across the globe), and actual revolutions (the arab world). With the financial system seemingly breaking down across much of the Western world, I predict that this civil unrest is only going to escalate over the coming decade.

Whilst we live in such revolutionary times of change, there could be a better chance of men's rights activists in pushing forward some of the changes they would like to see. It seems to me that, whilst the banking systems are clearly in need of reform, the public in general is placing too much of the blame at the feet of the banks, and not enough blame on government overspending. The fact is that the Western countries are in trouble because they have been borrowing too much. The money that government spends, in the UK for example, on Welfare payments to single-mother-by-choice, on generous salaries and pensions to its own public-sector-employed staff (many of whom are in 'political' positions, forwarding a leftist, radical agenda, as opposed to doing practical, useful work), and in engaging in pre-emptory wars, far far exceeds that which they've spent on saving the banks. We need to start putting the case forward for reform to taxpayer's spending on these areas.

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