Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TubeCrush : Another sexist double-standard

Male Tube passsengers beware: Flirty females are using their smartphones to capture the dishiest of the Underground's two million daily commuters, and uploading the unsuspecting men onto hit website TubeCrush.net.

Except they're not being 'flirty' at all. They are being sneeky, cowardly and a little bit creepy: taking photos of the men on the tube without their knowing or their permission. A clear invasion of privacy. No doubt years of consuming gossip magazines has 'normalised' the idea amongst these women that other people don't deserve privacy. And by browsing or sending photos into this website - where a readership of women (and no doubt gay men) can comment on the photos - they are further normalising the idea that men can be photographed without their knowledge or permission, have the photos published online where they are to be commented on by all.

'Nevermind', you might think, 'I'm sure that there's an exact equivalent website where men can shoot photos of women, unawares, and post them up for comment.'

err, only half right:

Tube Chicks has no rating system, and they only publish photos which are uploaded by the women themselves, or in which the woman has deliberately posed for the photo or given her permission.

In other words: men's privacy is being eroded by that of women is being upheld.

But what will men do about it? Sweet FA, as 99.9% of men are now total submissive bitches who meeky whine "How high madam?" when commanded to 'Jump!'

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