Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who needs marriage: a changing instituition

It's easier for the college-educated, with their dominance of the knowledge economy, to get married and stay married. The less well off delay marriage because their circumstances feel so tenuous, then often have kids, which makes marrying even harder.

Not a bad article, as far as it goes. But of course it fails to connect the dots. As I've said before: the rise of the full-time working woman (the 'career woman') is leading to a more unequal society. Basically what this research has shown is that those with lower incomes are finding it harder to get married and stay married. The career women don't desire lower earning men, so they tend to pair up with other 'career' driven men. This concentrates money into a smaller percentage of households than previously, when men tended to be the main earners, and would tend to marry lower-earning women (hence sharing the wealth). The irony is that feminism, which sells itself as an ideology of 'equality' is actually driving us towards a society of greater inequality.

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