Sunday, March 21, 2010

Men unfairly criminalised?

Man taken to court for being naked in his own home

Man faces jail after secretly filming himself having sex with women

Both of these cases are nothing more than minor anti-social incidents, but have been blown way out of proportion due to the fact that these men had upset women.

Why don't the lawmakers just be honest with us and admit that there is now a crime called 'upsetting a woman' for which you can face jail?


Anonymous said...

I didn't read the article about the man who filmed himself during sex but I think it is a good idea. Now I don't think putting it on the Internet would be right but to have some evidence that is was consensual is probably wise. I have often thought about doing this myself. Fortunately I am probably well pst the age where this will ever be a problem to me.

Anonymous said...

Now I have read the article. I don't think what he did should even be a crime. I think I recall this law coming in. It's just another of the many lousy laws that labour has enacted.

Any Rand said the purpose of the state was to make all the citizens criminals. Now even though I don't fully understand this comment, things like this certainly support what Rand said.

As far as I can tell these videos where made in his own home and for his own use. As such they are his private concern. The problem is the is no such thing as the private any more.

Anonymous said...

I was accused of molesting my step daughter. Paid a lawyer, did a polygraph and the whole nine yards. It scared me badly. My step daughter admitted that she lied to get me out of the house. She went to jail for filing a false police report. Meanwhile everyone I knew put an eyebrow up with me. This tactic has been used across the country by the millions by girls. They are taught and encouraged by grown women and the women are actually getting men on the bandwagon to help them. I learned that most cases like this are dismissed or false. People have to be after someone (race,sex,something) all the time, right now MEN are the target on all fronts. Men need to fight back or the world will soon be totally screwed up from being run by women.