Sunday, February 07, 2010

Feminist BS on TED?

Feminist Eve Ensler's talk on TED sparks debate in the comments section

I didn't watch the talk, but it never ceases to amaze me how feminists and the media are so successfully able to brainwash people into thinking that there is more violence against women than against men. I suppose the way they have done it is to blind people to any alternative way of thinking about the sex of victims of violence other than male Vs Female.

So, people think of sex and violence either as men being violent against women, or women being violent against men. Because most people feel naturally more protective towards women than men, and because there is a given assumption that a man will always be able to defend himself against a woman. What this blinds people to is the far larger problem of male on male violence.

We will never move towards peace on earth until the issue of male on male violence is addressed, and feminism, by hiding the issue, and by whipping up hatred against men is making it worse, not better.

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