Saturday, December 26, 2009

The future is female?

Of particular note is the post by Steve Moxon, author of 'The Women Racket':

"This is nonsense.
Only 10-15% of women work full-time continuously, and only a quarter of these are careerist (Catherine Hakim, the leading expert of women and work). These women concentrate in the areas where women have always concentrated, and not in commerce (where women are in retreat).
In male sex-typical professions like IT and accountacncy, the only reason that women are not slipping still further back is a fourfold sex-discrimation against men at the interview stage (Riach & Rich, 2006).
Thde social psychology of 'in-group' is radically different according to sex, with women NOT identifying with the workgroup (instead their sense of in-group is family/friends and others by extension). This is why women hate women bosses (as all the research on this very clearly shows). The female personal network as opposed to the male hierarchy and coalitions is incongruous in hierarchical work orgnanisations. Men, by contrast, are very well suited to what is after all a male sex-typical social organisation in the necessary hierarchy of the workplace. "

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