Sunday, March 08, 2009

Support research into prostate cancer

Most charity fund-raising efforts annoy me with their intrinsic pointlessness. For example, if someone asks to be sponsored to do a walk or run for charity, or, even worse, to do something like shave their head, I just think that they could be doing something intrinsically more useful AND raise money for charity at the same time. Imagine if someone went around saying: "I'm going to go and clean up the local lake, would  you sponsor me to do so, and all the money will go to cancer research?" That way the person would be expending their energy on something useful to the wider community AND raising money. 

Anyway, all that is just a prelude to me introducing this great little keyring that I bought in Marks and Spencer's this morning. They have them for sale on the cash-desks for £2 and I highly recommend all my readers in the UK getting one. Typically these kind of charity products are things like lapel pins, badges or wrist-bands. The trouble is that most men will not want to wear such things. I certainly don't. But this keyring is useful. It has a little detachable metal ring on it the same size and weight as a £1 coin. This is for times when you need to use a locker or shopping/airport trolley (hence you get the coin-shaped-circle back again), great for the gym or swimming pool. Here is the website for the charity that is selling them:

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Great Stuff, Darren.