Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feminism caused the recession?

Working women almost certainly caused the credit crunch by bringing a second income into the average household, pushing property prices up to unsustainable levels.

There are numerous other ways in which feminism has created an unsustainable, debt-based economy. For example, the massive growth of the wellfare state to pay single mothers, would almost certainly not have grown into such a huge burden on the tax-payer were it not for feminism's destruction of the nuclear family, and its promotion of the notion that children don't need a father (also there are undoubtedly billions of taxpayer pounds spent mopping-up the secondary mental health, crime and anti-social fallouts of family destruction). Equally, we've seen (at least in the UK) a massive growth in public sector employment, of which women are way over-represented (the government promoting working women?). This has resulted, again, in a huge tax-payer burden, and much of it is probably totally wasteful and unnecessary. Also, working women have fuelled mindless, exessive consumerism: revelling in turning shopping into a leisure activity in its own right, and - because women tend to be hypergamic: always desiring men of greater stature (including earning power) than themselves -  pressurising more men to spend way beyond their means, in order to attract and please a woman. 

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