Saturday, September 20, 2008

The tipping point of male tolerance

About ten or so years ago there was a field near my house where I used to walk my dog, and where my friends and I had played when we were children. It was sold for housing development and I heard the local council were listening to the local resident's views on it. There was the opportunity to sign a petition against development on this little field. I didn't sign it. It seemed like too much bother to sign it when surely they would just build it anyway.

They did build on it, a dreadful housing estate to provide cheap subsidised housing for people on welfare. The crime rate in the area soared. Litter and graffiti in the area proliferated. But the worst thing of all was I found out later that they had only needed about two or three more signatures on the petition to stop building on the field. I vowed from then on to act upon things I didn't like.

Everything counts. Even the smallest act can tip a situation from one outcome to a different one. There is always something you can do to improve a situation. Even if all seems hopeless and you are convinced that there's absolutely nothing you can do, just write down your frustrations in a letter, a diary or on an Internet page or discussion board. Record your frustration. Writing it down helps you feel better and it can empower you by communicating your frustration to others. The world doesn't give a damn about what you think or how you feel until the moment that you take action.

Your simple act could be the thing that helps tip the situation. It's amazing how suddenly situations can turn sometimes. In his book "The Tipping point", Malcolm Gladwell describes this as a scientific principle that reoccurs in all sorts of situations from viral epidemics to fashion trends to the spread of a new technology. The Internet and the fax machine were both around for decades before they suddenly took off, seemingly overnight. One small change, such as one extra person catching a virus, can suddenly spread the phenomenon exponentially.

This is of direct relevance to the men's movement. It's been a niche interest for the last decade. But for every one man whose actively involved in the movement there are at least a hundred who are pissed off enough to only require the slightest thing to turn them into men's movement activists. By which I mean simply a man who fights back against evil feminism, who answers back, who writes letters of complaint, who takes legal actions or rallies other men to the cause.

What kind of things could push him into action? For one, simply finding out that there is such a thing as a men's movement. Finding out that other men are fighting against this corrosive force could embolden him to act. Or, there are many other things that could push him into action such as loosing his kids, his job, being falsely accused of sexual harassment, etc.

From the point of female manipulators the male's weakest point is his tendency to give in, to let the woman go first, to be chivalrous, to "put up" with discomforts and inconvenience himself for the sake of women. It's expected of him. But what limits are there to this male chivalry?

Does a gentleman put up with laws that take his children away from him? Give his job to a less able person simply because she's a woman? Destroy his right to socialise in male-only clubs and lounges when women have the right to socialise in female-only ones? Is it chivalrous for a guy to simply accept that his sons will be less well educated at their school than the girls in their class? That he should get less benefits from paying taxes than women, and that his taxes should go towards paying for schemes that undermine him, his sons, his brothers, or his father?

Every man has his limit. Even the meekest, most obedient dog can turn on its master if it's beaten enough. And there are ever-growing crowds of Western men who have just about had enough.

And when enough factors have touched enough men to tip them into action, then there will be one big, vast, global tip. The whole movement itself will tip into public consciousness. It will appear to some people that this men's movement thing suddenly appeared overnight.

Overnight success is really just the result of years of preparation!

I don't know what will cause this tip of the men's movement into the public mind and into true influence. It may be something awful, like a famous man having his children taken away from him and committing suicide. Or, it may be a high-rating TV documentary, or politicians may push men's tolerance too far with some new law that suddenly creates mass demonstrations. I don't know what will cause the tipping point. But I do know that it almost definitely will occur very soon. It's like a storm gathering on the horizon.

Your actions now are paving the way for a huge ground-shift. A cultural earthquake will inevitably hit Western countries in the very near future as collectively men start to stand up to the feminist onslaught against them.

It will grow in momentum.

It will generate more and more influence and media exposure, which will feedback and create yet more influence and media exposure.

It will create a critical mass of active consumers who may purchase magazines that cover men's issues or who might refuse to buy products and services that are promoted with misandric advertising.

And once the injustices against men are communicated aloud in public in the mass media, I would not want to be a feminist. Feminism will be blown out of the water. Its discrediting will be complete. At the moment there are probably more people who will defend feminist viewpoints in public than will attack them. But in two years or so that balance will flip, and that will create a huge difference in how men are treated.

Like a tree that's been germinating underground for sometime, the men's movement will suddenly emerge into daylight. And unlike the growth of feminism, the men's movement is not a hateful, destructive movement. The men who are taking action on these issues are largely productive, intelligent, clear-thinking individuals with a respect for the family and the needs of children and communities. Unlike feminists they do not seek to perpetuate a distorted view of history, destroy the family, grab jobs and power without working for them, or imprison people on false charges.

This is not some political or intellectual philosophy. It's simply an uprising of anger and frustration at genuinely unfair treatment. Every man has a limit to his tolerance, and men as a group also have a limit to what they'll accept. Pretty soon both these limits will max out. On that day we'll see the effects of the tipping point of male tolerance.

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The Dapper Swindler said...

This is an excellent post, and I must say I fully agree. I will dance around naked when the day comes.