Saturday, August 16, 2008

Neil Lyndon: "We're being heard at last"

It is wonderful, miraculous, to see a woman arguing such an incendiary case against the hidebound feminist orthodoxy of our age

Back in 1992, journalist Neil Lyndon wrote an anti-feminist book called 'No more sex war', and then saw his career take a nose-dive. In 2008 a woman writes a similar book and gets praised. Lyndon concludes, partially correctly, that women are able to say things that men aren't allowed to. But I'd also argue that we now have greater freedom to criticise feminism today than back in the 90s.

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Anonymous said...

I'd also add that Parker's timing is better than Lyndon's. Feminist orthodoxy hadn't yet so clearly positioned itself into establishment politics in the early 90s. It was still in its ascendancy. It's at its peak now, and beginning to look very ugly indeed.

Rob Case