Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marc Rudov strikes again! Paternity test kits for men

Marc Rudov is THE best voice for the men's movement out there in the media. Hes totally unflappable, authoritative, and completely unafraid to tell it like it is. He gives no quarter to feminists. We need more men to stand up like this.


Curiepoint said...

I don't think the handled it at that well. He let the blonde bimbette...I can never remember the names of those who personify vapidity...lead the conversation away from the salient point of these test kits. The issue should not have been about what unwed mothers do with child support, or how how tough it is. He should have just stuck to the point and say "Listen...30% is a significant number of cheating wives. That also represents a significan number of cheated upon husbands. If he wishes to trust her implicitly, then he needn't buy the test. But, for those that don't trust her, he is merely making her accountable for her actions."

Normally, I am a champion of Marc Rudov, but this time I think he screwed the pooch.

mariner said...

I like the guy, he makes very valid points - but he did allow the salient point to drift away on this occasion.

Anonymous said...

He totally owned her...especially the slut comment...her expression was priceless (1:48) if calling her personally a slut (makes you wonder).

hans said...

It´s great seeing somebody stand up to these bitches (female&Male) posing as "non partial" TV-Hosts.

From the get go he is ridiculed under the guise of playful ribbing.
Typical female shame tactics.
Once cold facts contrary to their view are presented, they are of to the high hills with the argument and the whole "discussion" becomes retarded.

Anonymous said...

And she keeps coming back for it over and over again. I think she likes getting "spanked" by Marc. Women are so predictable.

And yes, he did allow the discussion to get off topic, but then, if you only have toddlers to compete against and you never get the chance to bring your A game, you are probably going to start to slip.

Iron Sharpens Iron. Silly Putty doesn't sharpen anything.

Anonymous said...

The ho was serious. It doesn't matter if the man paying support is the father. IT'S ABOUT THE CHILDREN AND SO MEN AREN'T SUPPOSED TO MIND PAYING EVEN IF IT'S NOT THEIR KID. So, I agree; why does he continue arguing with this slut?

Anonymous age 66

The Dapper Swindler said...

I love how she uses anecdotes and opinions to try and combat logic, all the while sat there with a smug, knowing look on her face as if she's right. Not surprising really. It's clear that children do need to be supported by a mother and a father but as always child support has to come from somewhere, and women won't bat an eyelid if it's someone who's not the father. As long as it's a man.

The Dapper Swindler said...

Watching some more videos of mark, it seems that he often goes against lis wiehl. Usual way is he gets a few seconds of airtime then lis shouts insults at him for holding views that are outside of what the mainstream would want us to believe.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Lis Wiehl Speaks my male member shrinks like taking a Cold Shower. I could not take enough Viagra to have Sex with that. She is a Liar. And she is promoting the Feminist viewpoint. Marc is making huge points for the Men's Movement and exposing Western Feminized Women for the Frauds they are.

That she continues to spew her lies week after week make our case for us.