Monday, May 26, 2008

Misandry is the message

A Canadian journalist writes about misandry in the media: While most male writers take up journalism because they are news or political junkies, a good many women journalists have entered the field specifically as women with a feminist axe to grind.

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Anonymous said...

American Feminists are whining about a Video Game made by a Woman called "The Fat Princess", they are complaining about Dell Computers selling Pink Laptops that Women want.

While in the US there are Honor Killings. Three of them this year and ignored by the FemNags. Another one was attempted back East. We have a 7 year old Girl Married to a teenage Boy in Saudi Arabia.

The Taliban is executing Women in Afghanistan, in Pakistan they threaten to throw acid in the Faces of Women for Un Islamic activities.

We have a Moslem a Chinese who beheads a Man on a Bus in Canada. We have Tyson Foods do away with Labor Day and replace it with a Moslem Holiday. We have the Anglican Head of the UK Church endorse Sharia.

In the US we have 100,000 Moslem Polygamists and no Government objection to it. The Feminists hypocrites can go to Hell.