Sunday, April 13, 2008

Theres nothing funny about prison rape

LA Times: Smirking at sexual attacks on inmates makes us all less safe.


Anonymous said...

Good example of a female committee member exercising her rational judgement

Peregrine John said...

Consider that in conjunction with this.

Then consider how easy it is to get someone else to kill an innocent man.

Anonymous said...

Aw come on...of course prison rape is funny! I mean, these are just men after all, right? Moreover, they wouldn't be in prison if they were criminals, probably the worst sort where they frightened some poor woman, so they deserve the worst kind of treatment at the hands of their fellow victimizers...

Yeah right.

It's about as funny as the old school lawn jockeys painted in the style of a gross stereotype of blacks, or the old Step N' Fetchit character in old movies.

I find it singularly curious that for all the crass stereotypes being eradicated, they didn't really go away. The scorn and ridicule once borne by these icons has merely been transferred to men.