Saturday, April 12, 2008

The coming crash?

UK and the world facing the biggest financial shock since the great depression, says IMF

I work at a store in a major city...Things are NOT looking pretty right now. I can tell you from a consumer spending point of view something is definantely going on.... All these changes tell me the people at the top are trying to brace for something big that is going to be happening to the economy.

In so many ways, people's lifestyles are looking unsustainable. The other day I was reading about the huge debts that many young students are getting themselves into. There are a growing number of youngsters who get into the debt-habit and then find themselves deep in debts in their mid-20s, just having spent money on socialising, clothes, travel etc. In other words, they might be £20,000-30,000 ($40-60K) in debt with nothing to show for it. This in itself could take the better part of their lives to pay off. And all the while that they are paying that off, they are less able to save for their own future (housing, pension, children). And this is just one aspect of the unsustainable lifestyles so many have today. The other major aspect is the whole feminist philosophy, which only leads to endless conflicts and misery in people's close relationships. Basically, many people (as well as legal systems, media etc) have signed up to an un-realistic, unnatural model of sexual relationships, which doesn't bode well for them having a secure marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Well we still must continue the marriage strike, even if people are starving in the gutter.