Saturday, March 08, 2008

In response to 'International Women's Day'...

From Kurt:

A country is a man's country.

A man from Your country has a father from Your country.

A child of a woman can be anything, but from Your country.

A man is not a fascist because he loves his country.

A man is not a racist because he loves his family.

Equality makes women the enemies of mankind.

Women steal our territory.

Women steal our jobs.

Women steal our means of production.

Women have babies that are not ours.

Equality is fifth column activity against our countries.

We are not getting any new generations.

We are met with demands that the safety of anyone is more important than the freedom of everyone.

Equality is a Marxist way of destroying our culture.

We are unable to maintain a well-functioning society with women in politics.

All men must understand this!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Death to women's rigthts!