Sunday, February 17, 2008

How, post-30, the balance of power shifts towards men

Women in their thirties feel aggrieved that men in their thirties won’t commit to them. But aren’t these thirtysomething women the very same people who snagged the slightly older men ten years before? Nobody knocks younger women for snagging older men. Because that’s part of the reason for the man shortage. And there must be lots of teenage and twentysomething men who think that there’s a woman shortage. But you never hear them complain, do you?

One thing that modern western women don't seem to understand is this: most men in their mid-30s do not feel any deep instinctive desire to commit to a woman in her mid-30s. Whenever, in the history of the world, has there been any society in which the men longed to marry women in their mid-30s? Marriage and commitment have probably only worked in the past as they hitched a ride on the already powerful sexual and emotional attraction that men feel for girls in their teens and early 20s, and NOT the aging women in their mid-30s. I feel this is a hard lesson that women are going to have to come to terms with.

In the past, society and the extended family probably led teenage/20-something girls to use their attractiveness to snag a dependable man into committing to her. The attractiveness that most young girls have (and they can be attractive at that age even if they don't have especially attractive faces) is a real form of power, no different, for example, than a pile of money. So the situation was akin to the family saying to the girl, when she comes of age: you have this money, but spend it wisely as soon as you can. Girls today are instead doing the equivalent to frittering their money away, then realising when they are hitting the mid-30s that they are high and dry and their halcyon years are behind them. This is why such 30+ single women do NOT deserve any sympathy: they had more than a good enough chance to get a good man, but they deliberately wasted it.

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