Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Half of single mothers 'do not want to work'

Half of single mothers 'do not want to work' claims new report

How much longer can the state hide from the fact that the welfare state, originally sold to us as a 'safety net', has become more like a hammock, on which millions of single mothers and the phoney-disabled (nothing against those who truly are unable to work) can lay back and allow others to support them.

And even working women must be sick of such lazy single mothers. As is increasingly becoming the case, women have less solidarity to eachother, as they become more defined by their jobs than their femininity, as touched upon in this article on the 'death of the sisterhood' (which also deals with the breakdown of the sanctity of marriage).


Anonymous said...

There was a report recently that employers state that they are being overwhelmed with litigation
and claims from working women to the point that they will be unable
to "run" normally.No doubt they will sack all the men.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Nothing surprising here.
I don't think I've met a women in general who likes or wants to work.

Almost all the ones I've experienced just want to go on vacations, lunch with friends, and go shopping.

Nothing wrong with that by the way, but just admit it, stop lying and taking up university slots...