Friday, August 03, 2007

Bill Maher on Feminism


Anonymous said...

I am not one who usually finds any ‘stand up comic’ amusing. I more for the humour of manors characterized by say Tony Hancock. However, I thought this comedian genuinely funny and gave a good performance. Again usually I find four letter words in humour a bit tedious and of little comic value. This comedian was different. His use of language instead of detracting from his point gave emphasis, underscoring the comic point of his monologue.

He also made all the right points. I think performances like this have far more impact than any amount of analysis on men’s’ sites.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

George Carlin is pretty good also.

A little more profane though.

Anonymous said...

Carlin spends the first part of his supposedly humorous piece demeaning men and accusing them of being EXACTLY what he, himself, exhibits!

I have rarely seen such blatant hypocrisy in a piece of so-called comedy.

Anonymous said...

Given the Puritan heritage of the US, the point he makes about "wife-fucking" being the ONLY valid choice in America seems to be what the majority is bought.
Let's face it. If we took a pie chart the size of a pie and put on it the amount of time even the most horny engage in actually working toward an orgasm, you couldn't see the white between the #2 pencil lines drawn from the center