Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Career women ditch house-husbands

It's the bitterest of ironies: thousands of men who've given up work to care for their children are being ditched by their high-flying wives - who wanted them to stay at home in the first place

Those men would have been saved all that drama if they'd been readers of my site!


Anonymous said...

Michael Noer(Forbes) stands vindicated... again !

What he wrote about career women was not only common sense but also backed up with statistical data... a shame that Forbes bowed down to career women.

Women are just not suited to provide for and protect their family like a man does. Career women are the Bridget Joneses of tomorrow - independent and lonely.

Faustus said...

Holy shit.

What a farce.

Femmies will always find a way to blame the man for the most trivial nonsense and justify their intent on imminently assraping him. These broads had to have planned this in advance. With lieyers at the ready.


The best "househusbands" are bachelors.

Anonymous said...

Typical! being led up the garden path and then dumped.

What I can not believe (well I actually can) is that a woman trades her career to become that carer and gets ownership of the kids, even though dad has been the major carer for the kids.

Somebody really needs to kick some arse bigtime.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody surprised? But I hope they`ll take their wives to the cleaners. It works the other way around,too. If you don`t believe it, ask Spice Girl Mel B.


Anonymous said...

Househusbands deserve all they get.
They are totally naive to believe
that their better off spouses will look after them.These men will lose their homes,their money their children and some will probably have to retrain as cleaners.They are all candidates for the suicide registry.
I particularly liked,after all the sob stories that the mail presented
to readers the comments offered by the 2 women,basically that househusbands are useless tossers anyway.
Anymore men want to be househusbands?.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what women say "at the time",no househusband will be safe playing wifee.There should be a follow up on this matter to see who gets the house,the money,the kids etc.I am not offering odds against the woman.Getting married to a career woman is worse than playing Russian Roulette.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. The whole Femail article is incredibly stupid, it could only have been written by a woman! I am sure she did so with the full intention of providing ammunition for other women to write in and say "serves men right, now they know what we have had to put up with for x thousand years" - the old oppressed female syndrome in yet another manifestation. And of course, sure enough she drew exactly those comments.

When will these men ever learn? A woman who thinks more of her career and money than her children, and is only too keen to push her man into the role of househusband, has a very high likelihood of being a totally useless wife and mother. There is a place for such women, but marriage is not that place. They should carry a government health warning tattooed indelibly on their foreheads, because they are highly toxic to husbands and children. What they really need is a maid to clean their homes and cook their dinner, so why don't they just get one and stop wrecking other people's lives?

Mirror Of The Soul said...

Men are designed to move things through time and space - physically (as in battle), economically (as in business) mentally (as in philosophy), etc., not changing diapers and picking up toys - although men can do this, it should be the exception - and very rarely - not the rule. Blatant stupidity is a capital crime, punished immediately, and without pardon.

Bob said...

I once had neighbors where the female was a nuclear fuel engineer and the man was a stay at home father. He was wonderful with the kids. She ditched him.

A man is a damn fool to marry a "career" feminazi trained female. He's crusin' for a brusin" and its only a matter of time. "Education" destroys a female. No wise man would get within 100 yards of one.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

It is ironic.
However, reverse the roles, to the traditional set, man is bread winner, women at home, and you can see how the feminist movement got so many supporters.

We are living in the age of self.
As in, age of Selfish.
Don't expect a marriage to work when your partner is looking out for numero uno only.

Both people have to sacrifice for the marriage to work. She didn't sacrifice a thing from the start to the end. She kept her high paying job, her lifestyle, her leisure time and her social life. He sacrificed everything, his job, his life, his leisure time, and his manhood.

Clearly, this sucker gave, and she took.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these men should have been "intimidated" be these women's careers. Manginas, the lot of them.