Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Women ONLY dating men young enough to be their sons

Meet the 'cougars' - older women who will ONLY date men young enough to be their sons

"Personally, I won't date anyone my own age or older, but many of my friends are much more fussy. My friend Carina, who is 46, only dates men who are under 30, and my friend Denise agrees. She said to me the other day that it's all downhill after men turn 30."


Peregrine John said...

Funny. Usually they're complaining that it's all downhill for women after 30. Which is more easily arguable.

Mirror Of The Soul said...

Dear God, those women in that article picture are quite atrocious...like hippopotamii on crack!

Thank God I'm in my 30's and they won't be stalking me. Whew...I would surely be crushed if one those beasts tipped over on me.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention hippos. Funny thing about hippos is that in the west we think of some kind of cartoonish happy henrietta hippo. Ain't so. Hippos are mean as fuck and can easily snap a grown man in half with their jaw. You go to east africa and the locals will tell you straight away, stay as far away from hippos as you can.

Seems the analogy fits all the way though.

Anonymous said...

Jake (31) said...

"it's all downhill after men turn 30"

Depending on what side you're on. Young men are so hormonally addled they'll put up with just about anything to get a pass to the sugar walls. When women are 15-30 they love the power of manipulation they have over men. In their minds this is the way it should be and always will be, and get furious when they hit their expiration date and their market value plummets. This is especially true for women that hit their 30s with nothing to offer but their well-worn genitalia, an empty bank account, a couple of bastard kids, and a laughable list of demands (that's actually gotten LONGER as they get older)

Once men hit their late twenties/early thirties, they're not as easily manipulated by the possibility of sex. Of course they're "of little use" to these women, since sex is the only bargaining chip they have. F&*% it, let them have their fun. Bedding drunk horny college students isn't exactly hard, and they get to delude themselves into thinking they're a hot piece once again

Anonymous said...

Im with Anonymous 12:18

Once Men hit 30 the Hormones clear and its a hell of a lot harder to Manipulate us with the promise of sex.

You have forgotten though, By 30, most single men have racked up considerable assets and cash and we now have great appeal to younger, prettier women.

The Cougars cant compete with youth and beauty, nor manipulate us with sex, the game is OVER for them at 30, unless they prey on younger men. God knows the younger women dont want them much, so the younger men are starting to get desperate. THATS why they put up with anything.

Public Health Economist said...

My dear Lord. This is disgusting! Are these women so delusional that they think these young men will want them for the long run? What's going to happen when the issue of children and marriage come up?

And since when has being a cougar been defined as being independent? There is no such thing is true independence, or we would still be living in the stone age! Propserous societies need one another (ie. institution of family), and it was the "independence" of matriarchies from which we emerged technologically and scientifically advanced!

I feel sorry for the lonely lives these women are eventually going to have.

Anonymous said...

Independance = Lonely woman.

Anonymous said...

Just another case of projection. Women love to see themselves in others, or pretend to.


Bob said...

Well no wonder. Men with half a clue wouldn't get withing 100 yards of they lying scumbitches. They use their money to seduce young innocent feminist trained fools who have not yet left mother's influence.

"We are a generation of men raised by women." Young men have no clue.

Anonymous said...

Well boys, I guess I am a cougar. Power to me!

I am 41 (I look way younger and am a hot and shapely woman) and routinely get younger men. No, they aren't getting my money. Quite the opposite. No, I am not looking for marrriage or fearing being lonely. Howe could I be lonely when I get all these guys?

Face it, instead of listening to sorry stereotypes, you need to realize that not all women are desperately seeking being trapped in marrage or worse, having children.

So, stick to your 20-something bimbos. You guys could never handle me, because no man handles me. I rule my world and I intend to keep working it as long as I can.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Older women are gross!!
Gravity takes a terrible toll on there body after 30+ years.
And in those 30+ years there is more time to catch STD's.

These women are not dating younger men, they are dating naive men.

Me and my friends just get the cougars to buy us drinks, then blow them off and go for some decent aged women.

They are gross, yuck.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with older gals looking for lovers.I happen to like older women (30-45), they are so sexy. As for the long run, sure I like them, for me they would be great friends/lovers. I like independent women, and I want to marry a promsicuous gal! The thrill and fun of sex doesn't come from apperance, its how they act in bed, and the simple fact of being so close with another person, even with a stranger. I wish I could find these gals . . .