Monday, June 11, 2007

Reach for the bucket: More misandry in money reporting

Women millionaires will outnumber the men with millions by 2020 in the UK.

"The wealth of these women is 'increasingly fueled by their own enterprises."

Clever wording. But this does not mean that any disparity between men and women's wealth will be due to women being more enterprising. It would be possible for there to be more female millionaires even if men and women were equally enterprising, as women are more likely to win money from men in divorce, or otherwise be given money by men.

Equally, men's slightly greater propensity for making more risky investments is painted by this press release... sorry, *article* as being a bad thing. Excuse me? Risk-taking is at the very heart of entrepreneurship. Without taking risks in investing money how would civilisation advance? How would new scientific, technological and medical advances materialise?


Anonymous said...

I left a comment at the Daily Mail's article saying that I couldn't wait to marry one of these female millionaires, then living off her earnings, and then divorcing her and stealing half of her wealth.

It got published but mysteriously disappeared shortly afterwards. Hmm.

As women earn more and more, they will pay more and more taxes. :)

Welcome to equality you rich grrls. The Inland Revenue is calling!

Anonymous said...

Yes I tried to leave a comment but they never published it. The lace curtain falls, it seems. I wouldn't worry though, these days you're probably getting higher traffic to your site than the Times are!

Anonymous said...

It's not devorce, its welfair. women are supported in a way (either by the state or by men) that affords them the time and ability to start their own business. men are forced to work.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see your statistics about women becoming millionaires via alimony. Might be enough to actually make me (shudder) consider getting married.

Actually, most women have a lower income after marriage, whether or not there are children involved.

That, and reports that show women, unlike men, are less happy when married makes this woman wish to remain happily independent!

richardwrites said...

anon. If women really are less happy after marrage it is because entitlement kicks in. Housework, toilet seats, everything becomes a cause for resentment.

If you are a feminist you should not marry. It would not be fair on either of you.