Monday, June 04, 2007

Fuel for thought

Next time any of my foreign readers feel tempted to complain about the cost of fuel in your country, check out how much we have to pay in the UK compared to others...

This is what people are paying for petrol around the
world, right now.

United Kingdom £3.76/gallon
Norway £3.41/gallon
Italy £3.10/gallon
Japan £2.70/gallon
Brazil £2.20/gallon
Australia £1.70/gallon
USA £1.35/gallon
Mexico £1.30/gallon
Saudi 49p/gallon!
Kuwait 40p/gallon!
Venezuela 8p/gallon


Anonymous said...

Australia is actually A$1.30 per litre which converts to 2.02 uk pounds per us gallon

Anthony from Australia

Unknown said...

In dollars, the US average is actually around $2.99-$3.03.

I know around here, where I live, that's the ballpark it's in. And considering how much the majority of Americans drive, it's damn hard putting up with such prices.

Anonymous said...

Try Canada. $1.29 /litre CDN. That's $4.90 for 3.8L (not sure, but I think that's UK gallon. Our dollar is at around .90 USD, so $4.41 USD per gallon.

Anonymous said...

I correct myself. After actually thinking, I checked out the net for the real numbers. UK gallon = 4.54L, At 129.9 /L, that's $5.89 CDN per UK gallon. According to a currency converter that means we pay 2.83 UK. For those in the US, that's $5.55 USD per gallon.

Anonymous said...

I dont know where you got those prices from, but they have not been true for a long time.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks ago in Regina Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

This has probably been one of my most controversial posts ever LOL!