Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bob Monkhouse prostate cancer charity ad

British comedian Bob Monkhouse died of prostate cancer in 2003, and now he features in this new ad - thanks to digital effects, old footage, and impersonators - to raise money for prostate cancer research. Prostate cancer research is probably at least 20 years behind breast cancer research, as people just haven't been as enthusiastic about donating money to help fight this male cancer. Remember, every time feminist pressure groups (which are often funded with millions) use lies, distortions and aggression in their campaigns against men, it makes people less sympathetic towards funding research into male cancer.


Anonymous said...

The ad is certainly clever, but I have great fears that it will ever actually save any lives.

There has to be a whole series of events for that to happen; but any failure in that chain will stop the process in its tracks. It would be like trying to clap with one hand.

Firstly there has to be a bucketload of money donated to the cause. And it has to be new money, because there will be no extra funding coming from the government - not to save the lives of mere men.

Secondly, that money has to go into research, diagnosis and treatment. And it has to be successful, getting results. This will take a long time, requiring a steady stream of funding. So the campaign has to be continuous. Is that going to happen?

Thirdly, even if better diagnostic tools and treatments are eventually found, they have to be worked into what is already an overburdened health service. Who is going to train GPs and nurses in any new tests or techniques? When will that be done, and how long will it take? It's all money, money, money and time, time, time. Men's health has precious little of either.

Then finally, any new treatments have to be got to the men who need them, and in good time to save them. This is the weakest link of all in the chain, because it is well known that men do not recognise their symptoms or push themselves forward for testing. I can forsee men still dying in their thousands while the means to save them sit in surgeries and hospitals or reside at the back of doctors' minds, not being used.

The only practical solution is a national screening programme to which all men over a certain age are invited. But that will not happen either. That would cost a fortune, and there will simply not be that amount of money available. There is still no national screening programme for any specific male disease, and it will be a red letter day when there is one. We are already decades behind women in that respect, and the gap widens with every day. I don't expect any of us to see it in our lifetime - even young boys just born.

Even as it is, only charities and voluntary organisations are conducting this vital research. The government will do nothing.

We have a clear picture of the fate awaiting us when even Bob Monkhouse, with all his money, could not escape the disease. What chance do the rest of us have?

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding just like one of those women you deride so viciously, I just wanted to register my human response to the extraordinarily and dangerously selective pieces you choose to post and the comments you write to accompany them. I really thought this feminist backlash rubbish went out in the late 80s? Have you thought about just having some therapy over that woman who shafted you, etc. etc? I wonder why men always think this stuff just happens to them? Do they really think women are so different? Christ, if I could have five minutes to sit down and share with you what my ex-partner did to me that ended in my spending time in a hospital. Really, let's get over this kind of men/women bashing and talk and empathise and move on. We have to live together on this planet and that ain't going to go away. Please, I urge whoever writes this blog and any women-haters out there who read it - I appeal to your decency and common sense to stop this kind of fascist nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.10 am:

I am sorry you have had an obviously bad experience at the hands of one man, although I can't for the life of me see what that has to do with this blog or anybody who reads or comments here. I certainly don't see anything in my previous post that could even remotely be interpreted as "get out there guys and start putting women into hospital", or whatever other delusion you are suffering from. In fact I would have thought it was very clear that I don't want women in hospital; maybe if there were fewer of them there draining the resources of the NHS, there just might be a bit more available for us blokes to help us catch up.

I am also sorry that you seem to be offended by the prospect of uppity men actually daring to complain at the shitty way our society treats and devalues us, despite the fact that it is overwhelmingly our work and our taxes that prop up the whole creaking parasite-infested edifice. Or maybe you do not like the thought that victimhood might cease to be the exclusive preserve of the female?

Maybe if feminism had been killed off in the 80s, then male/female relationships might have recovered from the poison by now. But they haven't because the enemy is still there, ensconced firmly in the heart of government (did you not notice who has just been elected deputy leader of the Labour party?) and across the whole spectrum of public life, working its mischief. That's why there is a growing men's movement that you obviously find so exasperating; and why it is not going to go away, however much you might like it to.

But if I do you the courtesy of assuming, despite your aimless swing at the wrong target, that you are not one of the ragbag of assorted femnags, misandrists, manginas and other sexist bigots who are working so feverishly to damage the lives of men and boys; then would you in turn do us the courtesy of also assuming that the writer of this blog and the men who like to read it and perhaps add comments here, are not the sort of people who would do whatever it was that your ex did to you?

By the way, I have not been shafted by any individual woman, only the female collective; and I certainly don't need therapy for that (a typical female concept!)