Thursday, May 31, 2007

Couple of articles

Academics are calling for teachers to be banned from promoting marriage in the classroom. They say homosexuality must be given equal status.

single anxious females: Forget the soccer moms and their most recent incarnation - the 'momfluentials'. Now the demographic everyone's talking about is young, unmarried women.

Amongst other things, they are apparently concerned about 'unequal pay'. The 'pay gap' between men and women is not due to discrimination but due to the different types of work each chooses, and the amount of time they are willing to sacrifice towards it. Yet the idea that men are discriminating against women and paying them less is constantly promoted by the media, and politicians like Hilary Clinton. Can you imagine the amount of distrust and discord between women and men that this generates?

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Anonymous said...

Mrs Clinton makes me sick.Shes a feminut,a socialist,a female supremist and a walking monument to hypocrisy,and I think most americans know it.That said,I think its BS how this demographic of young unmarried females are being antagonized and inflamed by being told myths by fem politicians,academics and even naive and misinformed celebs.Wemon are doing just peachy.Its Men that are getting screwed nine ways from sunday.