Friday, February 23, 2007

Women being paid same prize money as men in tennis

Women want to have it both ways. They insist on excluding men from their events on the grounds of inequality (men are more powerful, etc) but then demand to be paid the same amount on the grounds of equality.

If you didn't know anything about tennis, or indeed about the way the feminist-inspired lobbyists work, and you read an article like this one...

From now on, women will receive the same prize-money as men at Wimbledon.

You might indeed think it was unfair that women's prize money was less.

So I wonder in how many other industries women are now claiming 'equal' pay to men when they are by far making a smaller contribution than men, working less hard than men, and bringing in less profit than men?

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Anonymous said...

So how do the women in Wimbledon work less had than the men?