Saturday, February 17, 2007

Urban myths that spread man-hatred

Women who claim to be victims of 'date-rape' drugs such as Rohypnol have in fact been rendered helpless by binge-drinking, says a study by doctors.

The pattern repeats over and over. A man (or in this case, many men) are assumed guilty before being proven so, and a huge amount of hysteria is whipped up in the media demonising them. Then later the truth comes out, but because the mood has passed, the information barely registers on the publics' consciousness and the damage has been done. If a woman, a corporation (or in rare cases, an individual man) had that kind of media attack on them they would be able to bring a lawsuit and seek compensation for the damage to their reputation. But make up all sorts of lies about men - one in four abuse their wives, one in four are rapists, they think about sex every 7 seconds, vast numbers of them are paedophiles etc etc - and the media can just get away with it. So now, rather than taking responsiblity for their own drunkeness, such women have just perpetuated this urban myth that men are drugging their drinks. And look at the enthusiasm with with people have believed this! People are just so primed to accept anything which shows women to be poor little victims and men to all be evil schemers.

Here is the same kind of thing in action again:

Last summer, lurid headlines claimed that 40,000 women would be smuggled by sex slavers into Germany to be prostituted to World Cup football fans. The truth is very different indeed. Newly unrestricted European Union documents reveal that the German police uncovered just five cases of ‘human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation’ related to the international football tournament.

and again with the Duke rape case hysteria, and again with the current misleading hysteria in the UK that only a tiny minority of rapes result in prosecution (misleading because they are comparing the number of allegations with the number of convictions, a method which is not used in juding the ratio of crimes to prosecutions in any other area), and, famously, the feminist hysteria over the myth that Superbowl day causes a huge increase in violence against women.

But remember folks, all feminism is about is equality for women, right? Thats what the appologists always say. "Oh we only want equality. We only want women to have equal rights and pay. Why are you so against that?"

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