Monday, January 15, 2007

More on how feminism INCREASES inequality

One doesn't normally look towards the left-wing Guardian newspaper for incisive anti-feminist analysis, but this little gem has just turned up on their website:

I blame feminism

The article is about how social mobility - the tendency for all children and young people to have an equal start in life, and to get ahead purely on their own efforts, talents and enterprise, rather than family background - is harmed by our feminist era of career women.

In a previous post (Career women increase inequality) I had already pointed this out, but what this new article adds to my analysis is the idea that because career women themselves tend to marry wealthier men, and form hyper-competitive 'alpha couples', wealth is not only concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, but advantages for their children are locked in, and those children, particularly sons, born to less wealthy parents, do not have such a privileged head-start in life.

Wealth for these women comes at a cost to society as a whole.

Also, its worth remembering that these women lie on their ascent up the ladder of wealth, because they perpetuate the myth to young men that women just want a man who is nice, and a man will be valued for his character. This is largely untrue, and in reality it's a man's wealth and other symbols of POWER which attract a woman. But remember, its essential to career women that only a minority of men ascend the ladder of wealth and power. It is in their best interests for the majority of men to merely be 'nice', personable, hard-working, sacrificial, docile, and easily emotionally manipulated. This is not always in the interests of the men themselves, or of society, but it is in the best interests of these women. Why? Well for one thing they depend upon a stable society in which a large number of men are willing to perform the low-paid maintenance work, secondly they are dependent on the majority of men acting *NICELY* to them (rather than ruthlessly, which is what sexually attracts them), thirdly they are dependent on such men supporting extra help for women (for example, in paying taxes, which go more towards women than men; and in constantly supporting feminist 'women-and-girls-first' policies) despite the fact that such career women are earning more than the average man, and earning a LOT more once you take into consideration that they benefit from their wealthy husband's pay-packet too.

In other words, these career women want to live in a world in which the majority of men sacrifice themselves in order to create a nice comfortable environment for these women to live in (call these men the worker bees), yet also to secretly look down on such men and never consider them good enough to want to date and mate with.

So, collectively these career women are the equivalent of a person who lies and treads on others in order to get to the top.

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