Friday, December 29, 2006

Sexism against male and white swimmers

If you're white or male, you can't go swimming in Wolverhampton on a Thursday after work

This news made me furious. I can't even imagine how apoplectic I'd be if I was unfortunate enough to live in Wolverhampton. As a keen swimmer I like to be able to go swimming whenever I feel like it.

Some people seem to think this would be okay if it was just a 'women-only' session, or that if it was during the daytime. But I disagree. Its wrong at any time. And its especially wrong considering its a council run swimming pool. In other words its subsidised by the local taxpayers.

If this is okay, then how far would it have to go before you draw the line? How about a whole day of no men or whites at the swimming pool? Or two days? Why not? Or how about a day during which men aren't allowed in the local supermarket or shopping mall? How about a women-only evening at the cinema? We've already got women-only trains in Japan, and building firms in Australia that threaten to sack a man if he looks at a woman for more than a few seconds.

Next to voting pay rises for themselves and inventing jobs that are the equivalent of digging a hole in the morning and filling it in in the afternoon, the local councils' favourite activity these days seems to be inventing as many insane anti-male rules as their pea-brains can possibly come up with.

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