Monday, November 13, 2006

Great time to start a blog

Its a great time to start a blog now. Not only is Blogger extremely easy and convenient to use, but the new version of it is gradually coming online, adding additional features, such as the ability to add category tags to your posts, and far greater control over the design of your template. I personally have run some test blogs on their new system and I loved it! Why haven't I switched over CT4M to the new system yet? Well, unfortunately because I host this site on my own domain, rather than an address at they haven't yet been able to switch me over. But its going to be pretty soon now.

Also, if you do start a blog, you may want to try to make a little bit of money with it. I don't think its easy, but like anything, the more effort you put in the more likely you are to succeed. Anyway, you might like to check out this article.

The other good thing about blogger is that it enables you to very easily put up Google Adsense ads. You'll need to test these on your own particular blog to see whether they are worthwhile, but they could be a good way to earn a bit of money from your blogging. My impression is that they work best with a reasonably high traffic site on a niche subject area.

Anyway, there are plenty of benefits to having your own blog, such as being empowered by having an audience to express your ideas to, and also just having a way to regularly get things off your chest. I'm sure other 'men's issues' bloggers will agree that sometimes just typing out your frustration about the latest episode of misandry can be of great help in dealing with your anger!

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