Sunday, November 05, 2006

Family breakdown

The other morning I was watching the BBC News 24 channel and they were talking about a new research report which showed that the UK youth is worse behaved than any other in Europe. The reason being that children and teenagers in this country are less likely to be properly socialised, disciplined, taught and loved by their family. The obvious reason being that family life has broken down in this country. In large part this is due to feminism and socialism, both of which have had as their explicit goal the destruction of the family. Two guests were invited to talk on BBC News 24, one was the right-wing politician Anne Widdecombe, the other was a young black man who was involved in some kind of youth charity. Both were putting forward the idea that family breakdown was behind the bad behaviour of teenagers in this country. Yet the whole of the interview really just pussy-footed around the core of the problem by concentrating on the somewhat surface issues of lack of communal family meals, and lack of discipline. These are just side-effects of the breakdown of the nuclear family, and the general promotion of the idea that children do not need a father. It wasn't until the very end of the interview, when both guests were asked to summarise their solution to the problem in one sentence that they both finally came out and basically said: Children need fathers.

Then they later had on a Labour politician who did what they do best and basically lied through his teeth about the blame that the government has in worsening this problem. At one point he even had the nerve to say that family breakdown was a "social" problem and therefore was something that the government couldn't do anything about! Well, given that the Government spends at least half its time and energy in various attempts at social engineering, this assersion is nonsense. In fact, we now even have a Government insider admitting that they are largely to blame for this problem:

Lifelong Labour supporter Maureen Freely has been at the thick of family policy for a decade as an author, academic and political commentator — and as a mother of four. But she can take no more. The government, she argues, has killed family life. And all the evidence points to Tony Blair being the main culprit

Indeed, a few weeks ago I was talking to a man in his 40s who is what you might consider a 'right-on' liberal, the sort of chap you would have traditionally considered a Labour voter. Hes also done a fair bit of travelling around the world. I thought what he said to me was very interesting. He said that he thinks politicians have now become so untrustworthy in this country that the situation reminds him of a corrupt dictatorship or 'banana republic' where every peice of information put out by the government and everything that politicians say is just a blatent lie.

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