Sunday, October 08, 2006

Results of the Cool Tools Survey

Thanks to all those who've taken part so far in the CT4M survey (link on the right of this page). I'm going to leave it up for new members to take, but as around about 100 people have taken it, now seems a good time to look at the percentage responses so far.

This is a very basic summary of some of the key questions:

Readers are almost exclusively men, and mainly between 21 and 50

98% of the readers are men (big surprise). The biggest single 'decade' age group are those in their 20s (42% of readers), with a further 2 out of 10 (20%) readers being between 31 and 40, another 2 in 10 (22%) being between 41 and 50, while 1 in 10 (9%) are under 20, 6% are 51 to 60, and only 1% were over 60. Almost half (44%) view the site daily, while a further third (33%) view it weekly. Almost one in ten (8%) said it was their first visit, showing that plenty of new men are coming to the site. 13% of visitors said English was NOT their first language.

General disrespect and legal disadvantages are readers' main concerns

The men's issue most likely to be of most personal concern to readers was 'General disrespect for men' (25%), closely followed by unfair legal treatment of men (23%), and bad behaviour in girls and women (17%).

Divorce and depiction of men in the media both most concerned the same proportions of men (both 10%), while high taxes (8%) and the treatment of boys (6%) were the least likely to be the issue of most concern.

Only a quarter would fight to protect their country

Only just over a quarter (27%) said that if they were young and fit enough they would willingly fight in a war to protect their country. A greater percentage (37%) said they wouldn't, while an equal number (37%) were undecided.

Readers are mainly single, never married

Almost three quarters (70%) are single, and have never married. 9% are divorced, 15% are married and a further 6% are co-habiting.

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