Friday, October 13, 2006

Boys are now on the political agenda

We are failing a generation of boys admits Gordon Brown

Whilst its great that the issue of education failing boys is now on the political agenda and being taken seriously, I can imagine what the socialist labour party (and in particular Gordon Brown) would propose as the solution. It would just be more government intervention. For example, rather than look for ways to stop attacking the family unit, and to stop denying men access to their OWN SONS, the socialist solution would involve a highly expensive, government controlled and taxpayer funded system of official 'male role models' that a single-mother-raised boy would get to spend time with for a set number of hours each month. Not only that, but the government would probably create a screening system that ensured that most of these male role models were politically correct socialists themselves. Then within a couple of years the feminist groups would be lobbying hard, saying its sexual discrimination that only a man can apply for the job of a 'male role model', and pretty soon all the 'male role model' jobs would end up going to ethnic minority lesbian single mothers! In other words, the male role model would end up with the same fate as the boy scouts: dead.

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