Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Return to Family Values? and PS3 Vs Wii!

Astonishing news. The divorce rate is going down. What on earth is happening to this country? First we had that trendy campaign to overturn centuries of British tradition by making school meals tasty and nutritious. And now this — the return of family values! Is there no end to these assaults on our way of life?

Once you’ve seen the presentation it shouldn’t be a hard decision. Is the future of your living room destined for Sony’s PS3 or Nintendo’s Wii?

Humour... but with a serious message!


heretic commenter said...


The divorce rate is going down in absolute numbers because to be able to get divorced, you have first to be married and far fewer people are getting married. Even if the relative divorce rate - the number of divorces as a percentage of the number of marriages - were going down, that would not really be news: as more and more guys avoid marriage, only the most determined individuals, who by definition are the least likely to divorce, remain.
Check out this link for data points...


Darren Blacksmith said...

Yes I agree.