Friday, September 01, 2006

Love or money?

Forty-five per cent of women said a healthy bank balance was their top priority when looking for a partner. In contrast, a mere 22 per cent of men said the same.

Read the survey, then see if you agree with me when I say:


Read this comment left by one reader:

This certainly rings true; I had very few girlfriends when I earned £37K p/a, but when I started my own company and my salary went over £100K I had trouble fighting them off, all eager to get married and quit their jobs. When much of the work went to India and the tax-burden encouraged me to shut the company and take a lower salary, my girlfriend left me and I've not had another since.

- Michael, Leatherhead, Surrey

There are so many false, shallow women around these days, particularly (it seems to me) in the cities, living the 'party girl' lifestyle. All image and no values or substance. What is it that it says in the bible about not building your house on shifting sands? Such women are not a good bet for settling down with and starting a family. Yes of course there are also shallow and materialistic men, but the difference is twofold: (1) such men can still form the backbone of a relatively stable family, whereas such a woman will almost certainly destabilise it, and (2) I'm not planning to marry a man, therefore the existence of such men is not a direct problem for me.


MissHailey said...

Our society is disappointingly materialistic so I don't know that that is a feminist specific or gender specific trait.

darkbhudda said...

It's true. I'm an ugly guy, when I go out in my casual clothes, no response from women. When I go out in a suit I get hit on by women.

It's more a female trait. Men usually do it to attract females. It's wives nagging their husbands to buy a bigger house, not the husband telling the wife they need a bigger house.