Friday, August 11, 2006

Pop tarts

"In the 1950s, women were supposed to just smile and stay in the kitchen." - the singer 'Pink'.

So, were you around in the 1950s then Pink? I suspect that if women behaved a little more nicely in the 1950s it was due to the fact that only several years before the men had been sent off to fight in WW2. Therefore this would have resulted in two things: 1, a smaller number of men available (due to the number who were killed in action), therefore more competition amongst women to bag a man, and 2, there just MAY have been (just MAY) some level of feeling that the men should have been treated nicely after the horrors that many of them had been through for their country.

After all, what man, after five years of war, would wish to return home to a vulgarian like 'Pink'?

On the same theme:

"Singer Nelly Furtado is rejecting her feminist past because it caused her to hate men.

According to, Furtado admits that she got involved with women's rights when she first became famous. But she now has a child with a 'secret boyfriend' and is a huge fan of guys.

She says: "I went through a feminist phase and read a lot of philosophical stuff. Some of the male-bashing brainwashed me for a bit so I stopped. I love men.""


Davout said...

A couple of months ago, she popped up somewhere in Toronto at a girls school, telling the eighth or ninth graders to be feminist.

To hell with her and all the feminist lot! Pink, you stink!

Lord Feverstone said...

Think, Pink, and then speak.

G M said...

Pink got her nickname because her Black friend kept bugging her to see if her cooter was really she finally showed it to him one day.

Ya, great role model for little girls, eh?

Also, women had it great in the 50s. It was really just a few bitter, spoiled kids who revised history and put complaints in their mouths.

But, let's hear from an actual feminist in 1948:

"It’s quite rare nowadays to meet a real, old-fashioned, raging, tearing “women’s rights” feminist — the sort of person who used to go around saying that since men had made such a mess of running the world, they ought to step down and let women do the job. It’s even rarer to meet a real old-fashioned, raging, tearing Manly Man who maintains that women ought never to be allowed out of the kitchen.

For on the whole, the feminists have got what they wanted: freedom to be educated, to earn their own living, to practise the professions, to control their own property, to share the right and the duties of citizenship; and, on the whole, everyone agrees that it’s a good thing. It’s a surprisingly new thing; it’s practically all been won in the last 100 years. Hardly a movement in history has covered such a distance in so short a time."

Don't believe the hype - our parents and grandparents were happy together - certainly far moreso than now with a 50% divorce rate and 1/3 of all US babies born to single mamas! LMAO! What a JOKE!