Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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The truth about men, women and work

So basically this woman is not denying that career women make family life harder and are more likely to lead to divorce. So all she is doing is being sarcastic because she doesn't want men to be warned about the truths of a 2 career family. Its interesting how most of the women who have attacked the Forbes article have taken the stance that career women divorce their husbands or have affairs because the husbands are not giving them enough attention. But why should this be more likely to happen to career women than other women?

Equally, her remarks about women who don't prioritise careers somehow being mentally defective are extremely insulting to those women. Besides, many so-called career women don't exactly seem like Einsteins to me.

Anyway, whats the use in a man having high IQ children if he can't see them?

Ever since we've had a push towards women having 'careers', all we've seen is a massive increase in the cost of living in this country, a breakdown of marriage, and hence a breakdown of community. Home ownership is becoming a receeding dream for many young people today as the cost of mortgages has been able to increase massively thanks to '2 career' households, at the same time as demand for housing has increased due to divorce and family break-up.

The only real winners have been the Government and big business.

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