Friday, July 14, 2006

Pook's Mill

Oh look, what's this?

Does Darren Blacksmith espy a new star bursting into life in the firmament of the men's movement? Indeed he does!

Behold: Pook's Mill

This is indeed a propitious sign. A portent of great things appearing on the horizon!


Dante said...

I am fan of his postings over at the Sosuave forums. I always wondered when he would kick start a site.

If you are reading this Pook. You should also check out

Good luck, if you ever need any pointers or help shoot a message!

the author said...


Da Pook Meister is prolific once more!

Kick out the jams!!!

jtrain289 said...

Pook please Come back to sosuave one more time if your reading this. That site is taking a turn for the worst ive read basically all your posts. Show them way its supposed to be